"Gone but not forgotten"
Madison King 1857-1938
Phyliss Bruton King
Marion Francis King
Leighuna Dixon-King 1873
William Cox
Willa King-Coward
Rosa Cox
Ralph Cox
Pauline King-Chapman 1896-1961
Maude Cox
John Cox
James Cox
Essie King-Greene
Elmer Cox
Elijah Cox
Cynthia King
Claude Cox
Betty King
George King Sr.
George King Jr.(        -2011)
Barbara King-Swain 1947-2007
Helen King-Swain 1937-
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Harriet Phillip-King 1842
Martha Dawson-King 1864-1901
Bertha Cox-Harper
Doris Jenkins Hines 1923-1999
OmetaJenkins-Allen 1919-1994
Martha Jenkins 1921-2010
Richard Jenkins 1922-2004
Osborne King, Sr.
Lois Jean Allen-Walker
Jim King
Louvenia King
Whitley King 1891-1978
Lillian King-Croom 1915-1953
Fred D. Jenkins 1966-1985
David King 
Walter Gilbert Taylor 1931-2006
Wilhelmina Taylor 1926-2002
Donald A. Taylor 1930-2000
Esther King-Taylor 1908-2000
Lillian King-Croom 1915-1953
Angelo Forbes, Sr.
Kenneth E. Allen 1936-2013