March 2011

Greeting Madison King Family Members,

Today, some eight generations since we’ve traced our roots back to Madison King, we are excited to announce that we have formed a non-profit organization called the Madison King Family Reunion Association (MKFRA).  

The MKFRA established in August 2010, was formed to provide support, assistance, and guidance to the person(s) or family volunteering to arrange and coordinate the annual Madison King Family Reunion events.  Often times, the host of the reunion is faced with many challenges and burdens with little to no assistance. This group of elected individuals is committed to making sure the Annual Madison King Family Reunion continues to function.  The intent of the committee is not to serve as a governing body, but rather to provide assistance to our annual host(s) in any capacity the host deems necessary.  We envision the committee could help various tasks including, but not limited to: fund raising, assisting with locating venues, planning and organizing, sending letters to family members, collecting payments, etc. The annual host reserves the right to choose not to utilize MKFRA’s assistance.  

We proudly honor the founders of this reunion, Mrs. Janice King-Smith and the late Mrs. Martha Jenkins-Thompson who started this event with mere summer cook outs in 1964, alternating between the two households. We now hold annual Family Reunions from the Carolinas to the New England states and many states in-between to connect cousins and family members from all over the country.  In doing so, we wish to honor our fore-parents, celebrate and appreciate who we are, and ultimately pass this blessing of family reunions down to future generations.   

WE SOLICIT YOUR HELP.  Please join this effort, as there are many capacities to serve. To name a few:  registration, planning and organization, communications, fund raising, just to name a few.

We held our first official meeting on Tuesday, 14 September 2010.  Our regularly scheduled meetings occur once per month, every second Tuesday night at 9:00pm.  Call either of us (see below) or log on to our family website @ to get further details.

Fondly and Sincerely,
Osborne I. King, Jr., 2011 Host
Adrienne D. Allen-Graham, Chair 
Christopher E. Haggins, Vice Chair
Francetta J. Cunningham, Secretary
Lindsay Joyner, Treasurer
Donna Cobb, Public Relations 
Beverly Allen, Sergeant at Arms
Heber Allen, Board of Elders Chairperson
Demetrios Mebane, Member
Kevin “Abdul” Graham, Advisor
The Founding Members of the Madison King Family Reunion Association (MKFRA)